NOTE: Sensitive links and email addresses that were removed are marked in green. View source code of alpha version with sensitive material removed.


  • Adds searchlinks (pic1) to ticket numbers, IP addresses, and MAC addresses
  • Displays user's NetID on the ticket page (pic1)
  • Displays user's LDAP information in account queues
  • Highlights queues (pic2) for HD/RN for easier EOS stats
  • Updates window title text when editing ticket comments (if enabled)
  • Inline commenting (with autosave soon)
  • Inline Special Field Editing (eventually)

Latest Stable Version

Install version 1.1

Known Issues

  • Turn off “Require secure updates” for autoupdates to work
  • Editing the script will prevent autoupdates from working. This is a known "feature" of Greasemonkey
  • Searchlinks do not appear when resolving ticket or changing other ticket properties; a refresh is required
  • In Chrome, the page sometimes needs to be refreshed several times for the script to work


Install Beta – Links ticket numbers, RN IPs, and MAC Addresses anywhere in the ticket page

Known Issues (in addition to the ones above)

  • Chrome has extra false positives when replacing ticket numbers causing some minor HTML to break
  • Inline commenting works well

Alpha (Unstable)

Install Alpha — type 4 to select alpha version when prompted


  • Debugging information is on
  • Various features will be broken at any time as this version is updated

Technical Information

  • Detailed Changelog
  • View the source code for the script by right clicking “Install” and clicking “View User Script Source”
  • change isHDSup to true in the code to highlight HD EOS queues
  • change worksHDshifts to false to disable HD queue highlighting
  • Modifying the version is done by about:configHDRT_Version
    1 is the release, 3 is the beta version, 4 is the alpha version
  • Detailed information about browser compatibility
  • HDRT comment autosave saves the latest comment you input in the textarea. This can be accessed through the browser by going to about:configHDRT_Text
  • Technical TODO file with upcoming features

More information

Go to HDRT, and look at tickets in any queue. Notice the NetID will display next to the name. Go to a ticket in a highlighted ResNet Queue e.g. RN CIRT queue and notice the links in the special fields as well as the NetID linked to ResNet Auth. Go to an account queue e.g. Eden Questions and check the user's LDAP information without leaving the page. You can also enable the comment box, and test it out on tickets 523811, 499999, 500000, 531038 (for regexp linking in alpha) or a ticket in a Test Queue.